Villa France

3D visualisering för bygglovshandlingar av villa i södra Frankrike.

A-Huset Ystad (4)

3D visualisering, interörbild av A-huset i Ystad

La Tremblade

La tremblade

Franska atlantkusten

Villa Les Arcs

3D visualisering och integrering i landskapet för bygglovshandlingar.

Les Arcs, Frankrike


A-Huset Ystad (3)

3D visualisering, interiörbild av A-huset i Ystad

A-Huset Ystad

3D ritning, A-huset i Ystad

A step closer to reality...

To clearly present and communicate your idea is a key factor to a successful project. We re-work your material (sketches, drawing, etc) to a more selling and appealing presentation in 3D. We can deliver:
- Stand alone 3D illustrations, interior and exterior, for the web and print-out
- Interactive 3D illustrations, for example home selecter for apartment blocks or residental areas
- 3D animations
- Web page with your 3D images, interactive home selecter, contact details and so on. Stand alone or integrated in your web page.

Why Archigraphe?

Archigraphe's founder Jeff Thier is a trained architect from DESA in Paris. Jeff has several years of experience working with different architects and various projects like villas, apartment blocks, residential areas, renovations, designing boths for conferences, interior design of commercial shopping centers. 
We at Archigraphe have full understanding of the complexity of an architecture project, small and large, and we know how to turn your Hand drawn sketch jf Thier Architectideas into great 3D presentation material.

"My passion is to create the link between virtual and reality, to visualize what doesn't yet exist, and render it in the most convincing way."
Jeff Thier


Contact me!

+46 703 116 169